The Greens

In addition to The Common, the town comprises ten greens which break up the various residential areas while, at the same time, drawing them in to a compelling unity and adding to the overall charm of the place.  The seven main greens are:

  • Barnaby Green,
  • Bartholomew Green in front of the imposing west door of the parish church of St. Edmund;
  • East Green, adjacent Adnams's brewery;
  • North Green, close to the town library;
  • South Green, on one of two roads leading to the Harbour;
  • St. James's Green, close to North Parade and between the sea and East Green; and
  • Tibby's Green to the north of  St.Edmund's church.

But nestling in to a very local scene are Brewery Green, itself, Church Green and Electricity Green on the High Street; the last named, affectionately, after the former Eastern Electricity showroom that used to be adjacent.  Electricity Green is the home of the older of two town signs and of the Tardis, one of the town's notice boards. The older sign has become associated with the Council's Newsletter, Connecting, and the newer one, with communications involving the preparation of a Town Plan.