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Southwold is a small rural seaside town on the Suffolk Heritage coast; one of the furthest points to the east on mainland Britain. It has fine, sandy beaches, open greens, an expansive common and a working harbour. The architecture is somewhat traditional at its core, but is strengthened by some unique modern builds that are quite individual and distinctive in design. There is a resident population of a little under one thousand.

Often considered as a quintessential English seaside town, Southwold changed little in the second half of the twentieth century, but while its attractiveness to visitors is undiminished, in numbers at least, there is change and this is being managed in an attempt to retain the essential qualities of a picturesque and much loved location.  It is a far from easy task, with the speed and demands of the twenty-first century bringing new pressures in addition to challenges, particularly with regard to traffic management and a changing retail climate.                                                             

Two Conservation Areas feature strongly, one based on the Town, itself, and the other on the Harbour.  The Common, bequeathed to the Town for posterity sits serenely between the two and enables the area, as a whole, to sit comfortably within a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty [an AONB].

The lighthouse, built in 1890 and standing almost 31 metres, dominates the town and is open for tours, as are the Sailors' Reading Room, three other museums and the brewery.





In pursuit of the Town Council's intention to create a NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN that will emphasise the unique character of the Town, a Community Engagement Event will take place in the Market Place between 10am and !pm on Saturday, 27 September.
The event is of a drop - in nature with no appointments required, and members of the community are encouraged to come along and relay their views on matters of PLANNING within the Towm.


The next meeting of the Southwold Town Council takes place on Tuesday, 30 September, 2014, beginning at 8pm in the the Council Chamber of the Town Hall.
The agenda will be published below:


The DECISION NOTICE from the Simultaneous Meeting of the WDC CABINET and STC is published below:


The CEP is available to view here.

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